Cannot connect to the internet

If you are receiving an “authentication error”, then the wrong password has been entered or spelled incorrectly. If the password is correct and you still cannot connect, it may be your router stopping access.

Please turn off the router at the mains and disconnect it. On the tablet, navigate to the SETTINGS menu and BACKUP & RESET – FACTORY DATA RESET – ERASE EVERYTHING. Remember to enter your date / time / timezone and language settings correctly again, afterwards.

Then turn on the router again and connect to the network.

Scratches on the screen

All of our tablets have a pre-applied screen protector – it is difficult to see when it is factory applied as the process is so efficient at removing air pockets etc. However, this can receive grazes due to movement in transit and, although it is recommended to leave the protector in place, some may prefer to remove it if the grazes prove too unsightly. Replacement screen protectors can be purchased from our retailers on Amazon and eBay


All of our goods come with a standard one year warranty. Please fill in the form on the “Warranty Registration” page – click here.

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